i wish everything wasn’t so fucked up


person: are you over bucky barnes yet



also i totally fucked up my grilled cheese

also i totally fucked up my grilled cheese

A+++ textbook making skills

A+++ textbook making skills

i briefly entertained the idea of going to that brony panel just to see how terrible it would get but then i came to my senses i figured it would actually just end up being a horrible brain melting experience



my dad cleaned my room 

the best dollar i have ever spent

the best dollar i have ever spent


(and talking in this funny voice?)

the correct way to play mass effect

ugh i’m trying to post a video but tumblr fucking hates me

Not sure if you follow woot, but today's kids.woot is adorable.

i want the storm one

indevan replied to your post “questions to ponder while waiting for mass effect to download (79%): …”

this is why i wish more games had the foresight da2 had where there’s a dlc that gives you access to a mirror to change/fix your appearance

ugh yes i don’t understand why they can’t put this feature into any game with customization

it can’t be that hard to do, can it? like all you’re doing is changing your appearance, it has no effect on anything other than your character model

in good news, my shep did not end up looking like a picasso painting

i love being able to skip school whenever i want with very very little repercussions